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Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6095 with Controller and Pump

Brand: Tunze USA
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Tunze Turbelle® Nanostream 6095 with Controller and Pump by Tunze

The Turbelle® Nanostream 6095 controller and wave pump can be set a wide range of flow options. This very quality German made wave pump has been the biggest seller in Europe for last few years for a reason.

A multi-performance wave machine controller and variable pump performance, it can provide a wave simulation, oscillation flow, an automatic search for the resonance frequency when the oscillation flow is used, and it is also equipped with a food timer. It can be directly connected to a Multi-controller. The pump is therefore able to operate together with other pumps, for example, in the high/low tide mode.  If this controller is connected to a second controller with the 7092.300 cable, a further pump can be connected and controlled, for example, to provide a wave pounding simulation or an oscillating current. A third controller can be added using the Y-adapter cable 7090.300.

·         Sized for Aquariums from 25 gal to 250 gal (100 liter to 1000 liter)

·         Flow rate  550 to 2,500 gal/hr) L 2,000 to about 9,500l/h)

·         Energy consumption: 5 - 21W

·         Power supply unit: 100-240V / 50-60Hz

·         Cable length is longer than any powerhead on the market @ 196.8 inches ( 3m)

·         Dimensions: diameter 2.7”  (70mm)

·         Output: diameter  .39 “

·         Magnet Holder and  Silence Clamp up to a Glass Thickness of ½” (15mm)

·         Wide Flow Footprint