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GHL KH Director® and GHL Doser SA, 2.1 Slave Pump Combination White

The GHL KH Director® is a precision dosing solution to monitor and dose KH automatically to exact l..
$999.00 $849.00

ApexEL Controller by Neptune

ApexEL Controller, by NeptuneThe NEW APEXel System is the "Little Brother” to the now famous Neptun..

GHL KH Director® White

The GHL KH Director® is a precision dosing solution to monitor and dose KH automatically to exact l..
$529.00 $449.00

Neptune APEX Jr. Aqua Controller

The APEX Jr. is very best ENTRY LEVEL CONTROLLER on the market!      &..
$329.99 $239.95

Neptune Systems APEX Wi-Fi Controller

Neptune Systems New APEX Wi-Fi Controller          ..
$899.99 $799.95

Neptune Systems COR-20 Intelligent Return Pump 2000 gph

Neptune COR-20 Return Pump            &n..
$359.99 $324.95

CarbonDoser Electronic JG Upgraded CO2 Regulator – with John Guess Fittings Upgrade

The CarbonDoser CO2 Regulator is hands down the most accurate CO2 dosing product available, an easy ..
$359.99 $319.00

DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System - Neptune Systems

The main reason people purchase a dosing system for their aquariums is for consistent and easy dosin..
$359.99 $299.95

Energy Bar Apex 832 1Link Power- Neptune Systems

Energy Bar 832 The completely redesigned Energy Bar 832 now has eight individual, 7 amp relayed out..
$299.95 $249.95

Neptune Systems Apex WAV Pump

WAV™ Apex Pump is Quality to the Extreme First of all, all powerhead are not created equally! The ne..
$259.99 $174.95

Tripp Lite Surge Protector Power Strip 120V 6 Outlet 6' Cord 790 Joule Black

With built-in AC surge suppression shields keeping connected equipment from damage and performance p..
$35.99 $15.99

Waveline DC10000II- Non Apex Replacement Controller

Waveline DC10000II- ControllerReplace your RLSS DC controller with this Second Generation  cont..
$129.99 $99.00

DDR DOS Dual Reservoir - Neptune Systems

DDR DOS Dual Reservoir by Neptune Systems          ..
$259.99 $199.95

Neptune Systems WXM Expansion Module for EcoTech Wireless Control

WXM Expansion Module for EcoTech Wireless Control by Neptune Systems    All..
$159.99 $124.95
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Controllers & Monitors

Controllers have recently become the most cost
effective way to keep an aquarium heathy where
your animals have the ability to live to old age.
The Apex Jr costs less than a good power surge,
and a couple of timers for your lights, all with
unbelievable options for control. Find out the
temperature of your tank while you are in
Europe and turn off your lights when the
temperature is too warm etc.