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PondMax Auto Feeder

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Brand: PondMax
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PondMax Auto Feeder

The new PondMax Auto Feeder is a large capacity (2 lbs of fish food) feeder perfect for Koi ponds  and is a robust, weather resistant unit that will automatically  feed up to 6 times a day. The PondMax Auto Feeder comes with mounting brackets and poles to make the setup versatile and easy.

In the warm seasons, it is important to feed your Koi multiple times a day to build fatty tissue that will help to get them through the cold seasons. The PondMax Auto Feeder’s use in conjunction to manual feeding is choice for anyone who wants to assure their Koi health!


  •  Perfect for Koi of other Large Fish
  •  H.D. Weather Resistant Housing
  •  Automatically  Feeds Up To 6 Times A Day
  •  Easy To Mount with Attachments Included
  •  Can Handle Large Pellets


  • Food Size: up to 8mm
  • Large Capacity:1Liter
  • Batteries :2 x 1.5V AA 

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