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Neptune Systems DDR DOS Dual Reservoir

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DDR DOS Dual Reservoir by Neptune Systems                                                                                            

The DDR has an unrecognizable style and will stand out in anyone’s equipment room or under your aquarium. Each side of the reservoir holds an up to two liters (2000 mL) of fluid. For most saltwater aquariums that are dosing Calcium and Alkalinity to their aquariums, this amount is more than enough to last at least two weeks. If you are dosing other additives it might last months before needing a refill. Speaking of refills, the DDR has simple lift off lids that make refilling it super simple. The DDR was also designed to have a low center of gravity. This means, unlike other reservoirs on the market, it is very difficult to inadvertently tip over. The DDR is the only dosing container on the market that connects electrically to your DOS and uses optical sensors that alert you when your fluid has approximately 20% remaining. This alert could be used to send you a text or an email, or even trigger other events on your Apex. Also, when detecting water level, optical sensors are far less likely to fail than their float switch counterparts. One simple connection links the DDR to the DOS. Keep a clean area with no loose wires, float switches, etc. Just plug it in and it will show up in your Apex Fusion Dashboard. Although not required, the DDR interfaces directly into your Apex Fusion dashboard. See in real-time your fluid levels and get an alarm when a reservoir runs low.


  • Large Storage Capacity - Each vessel holds up to 2 liters of fluid for a total storage volume of 4 liters
  • Connects directly to your DOS dosing system
  • Engineered with a low center of gravity to help avoid tips and spills
  • Optical sensors provide real time fluid levels to the Apex Fusion dashboard
  • Easily removable lids to make refills a breeze
  • Built using cast acrylic
  • Push-fit tubing connections


  • Dimensions - 10.5" x 8.5" x 5.5"
  • Capacity - 2000ml per side (0.52 gallons)
  • Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr. and DOS dosing system required to operate level sensors


What's in the Box?

  • DDR with sensors and cable
  • 4 meters of tubing
  • Getting Started Guide