150gpd RO/DI 5 Stage Custom System


Deionized Mixed Bed Resin Super Hi-Grade (fills one cartridge)

150gpd RO/DI 6 Stage Custom System (Includes 2 stage TDS Meter No Extra Charge)

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Aquatic Warehouse 150gpd RODI 6 Stage Custom System (Includes 2 stage TDS Meter No Extra Charge)

The very first thing to think about in the "overwhelming" different RO/DI systems there are out there is QUALITY, gallons per day flow and cost of maintaining the system!! With the low cost refills we supply, this system is all three!!

  • We have sold over 200 of these very well made units for a reason, with 0 returns!!!!
    Our custom system puts out
    150 gallons per day through the reverse osmosis membrane as well as through the taste and odor removal membrane providing consistent clean, pure water for not only your health but also your aquariums inhabitants. Now that you have this excellent system, there is no need to buy drinking water ever again!!!

Overall rejection and removal rate is 98-99% for ultra pure DI outflow, and 95%  on the RO side for drinking water. 

1st Sage: Super popular 5 micron top-quality without the quick clogging of 1 micron sediment filters others sell (smaller is not better here). Removes sediment, rust, dirt. (replace every 6-12 month) 

2nd & 3rd Stage: premium grade (2) carbon block filters, removes chlorine, chloramines, bad taste and odor (replace every 6-9 month depending on usage) 

4th Stage: High Rejection TFC/TFM-150GPD membrane, removes 95% to 98% of chemical, minerals, dissolved solids, like arsenic, lead, silica, nitrate, copper, ammonia, sodium, fluoride, etc. (replace every 18-36 month depending on the water at your city). 

5th Stage : Carbon In-Line filter for the very best tasting water for drinking available on the market!!

6th Stage: Top Quality Refillable De-ionized filter, further removes the mineral and chemical contents of water and achieving 99% to 100% removal rate (replace as needed, or after 600 to 1000 gallons). Ours comes with refillable clear casing. The DI resin inside changes color from green to dark brown when the resin is exhausted. Water activated - not activated by air like most all on the market!!

Your operating parameters should be as such:

Feed water pressure: 45-80 psi, (for pressure below 40 psi, use booster pump or permeate pump) 

Feed water temperature: 40-100 F 

pH range: 3-10 *Hardness: lower than 500ppm (hard water will shorten the life of filters, but system will still perform) Using a water softening system prior to RO+DI filter will prolong the life of filters. 

Dissolved iron: less than 1 ppm 

Dimension: 15in width x 16in height x 5.5in depth

The system come with 4 gallon pressure tank, long reach dispensing faucet, under-the-sink adapter, drain clamp, tubing, shut off valve. Optional easy-connect adapters are available for counter top installation or garden hose/ laundry room installation. Let us know your needs.

* Comes with an automatic shut off system for you storage tank.
* Comes with along - life 2 gallon storage tank for instant pressure for drinking water side or 2 gallons on demand for DI also.
* Comes with all the hardware to do a professional but easy job of plumbing to your waste and feed lines under your sink,
   with our system you can- do- it- right!
* Comes with extra RO/DI tubing.
* Comes standard with super easy to use John Guess Fittings throughout.
* Comes with a quality 2 way Digital TDS meter so you know exactly when to change your DI and permeable 
   membrane. A real money saver!!
* Comes with a deluxe drinking water kit so you can use you system at your sink.