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Aqua Designs Amano Bacter 100 (100 gr)

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Aqua Designs Amano Bacter 100 contains an amazing amount of microbe bacteria not found in any other aquarium products. Bacter 100 contains over 100 different types of microbe organisms in a dormant state. With all the new technological science revolving around microbe bacteria at the present, it is no wonder that Aqua Designs Amano Bacter 100 excels with freshwater planted aquariums.

It is best to be applied at the bottom of the substrate at setup or to the aquarium.

  • Contains more than 100 Strains of Bacteria
  • Can be sprinkled on top of Blue-Green Algae to Eradicate it From the Aquarium.
  • Best Used in Conjunction with Aqua Designs Amano Clear Super and Aqua Designs Amano Tourmaline for a Healthy long lasting Substrate.
  • For the Best Results – Place under the Aqua Designs Amano Power Sand and Amazonia, Amazonia Light or Amazonia II