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Fluval Filter Foam Block for FX Series 3 Pack

Filter Sock 100 Micron 7 inch x 16 inch

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Filter Sock 100 Micron 7 inch x 16 inch

Aquatic Warehouse 100 micron filter socks are excellent for trapping detritus and reducing micro bubbles in your sump filter.  The filter sock has a 7" diameter at the top and measures 16-3/4" long. These socks can easily be wash and reused multiple times, after that they lose their ability to trap fine particulate matter. Always make sure socks have adequate water flow through them and cycle out old socks for new ones.

Because 100 micron is smaller than the human eye can see, so your aquarium stays crystal clear!

These bags have a plastic ring sown into the bag to support the opening. To clean, we recommend turning inside out and spraying out the detritus before placing in your washing machine. There cannot be any residual soap in the machine! Add 1 cap (not cup) of standard household bleach to the load of micron socks and run it through again without bleach.

It is recommended not to add to your significant others “underthings” or you might be looking for a new significant other.

 *NOTE: Please rinse all filter socks prior to first use.