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Aqua Ultraviolet UV 40 watt Replacement Lamp (A20040)

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Aqua Ultraviolet UV 40W Replacement Lamp (A20040)    

At Aqua Ultraviolet we chose to use ozone-emitting lamps after thorough testing with a radiometer, used to measure UV output (though we do offer a ozone free lamp if requested).

Our lamps are designed for 14 months of continuous use, we calculate our flow rates at 30,000 µw/cm² , based on the end of useful lamp life. Since we have calculated our flow rates based on the end of lamp life, there is no need to adjust the flow rates during life cycle of your lamp. Aqua Ultraviolet’s unit will perform at its optimum through out the life of the lamp and it just makes it simple.

Why are our flows so much more then our competitors? Because our units out perform our competitors hands down. Your water will not be green for very long, from over night to 3 to 5 days you will have crystal clear water.