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ValuFlo 1000 Series 4500 1/6 HP High-Volume Waterfall Pumps

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MDM ValuFlo 1000 Series High-Volume Waterfall Pumps 4500 1/6 HP

Sequence pumps are the leader in the pond pumps industry. The ValuFlo series of pumps are NOT submersible! With an all out-of-pond, steel and high strength polypropylene construction, the sequence pumps are built to last.

Sequence pumps are energy efficient and draw half the wattage of their competitors. The pumps come pre-wired with an eight foot power cord and an 115v molded plug. Sequence pumps come with dry run resistant mechanical seals to help in the case of a power outage. The help elevate this problem you can purchase a leaf trap and backflow to keep the pump from running dry (Leaf Trap and Backflow sold separately).

The Sequence ValuFlo series built for quite operation and none stop usage. The pump motors are equipped with a TEFC device, for excellent protection. Motor internals are fully rebuild able and made of aluminum for added weather resistance. The Valuflo pumps come with stainless steel hardware for years of trouble free maintenance.

  • ValuFlo 1000 Pump 4500VAF21
  • Size - 1/6 H.P.
  • Max Head - 21'
  • Max Flow - 4500 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 4' - 4140 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 8' - 3600 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 12' - 3000 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 16' - 2220 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 20' -  960 GPH
  • Watts - 253
  • Suction / Discharge - 1.5" FNPT / 1.5" FNPT
  • Warranty - 18 Months

Dimensions: 15.00" x 8.25" x 9.00"


  • Must be plugged into a properly ground GFCI receptacle or wired in according to the authority having jurisdiction. 
  • Do not submerse
  • A priming Pot is Required to properly prime the pump.(priming pots are sold separately).
  • Not approved for swimming pools or salt water.

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