Aqua Ultraviolet Classic 2" UV 40 Watt UV Clarifier Sterilizer with Wiper Black A00066


Aqua Ultraviolet UV 15 Watt Retrofit for Savio Compact Skimmer

Aqua Ultraviolet Classic 2" UV 80 Watt Clarifier/Sterilizer with Wiper Black A00085

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Aqua UV Classic - 80 Watt Clarifier/Sterilizer with Wiper - Black - 2"- A00085

The classic series Aqua Ultraviolet sterilizer is engineered to allow for quick instillation and easy maintenance. The Aqua Ultraviolet UV is ideal for ponds, aquariums and water features.

We sell our offering these great UV sterilizers with the quality "wiper feature". There has been misinformation on the internet that state "wipers do not do anything and are problematic"; this by companies that don’t represent manufactures that offer wipers. Any time you have calcification or hardness in the water, the light is going to attract a "liming coating" on the glass quartz sleeve that disallows light from penetrating. The only way to rid the unit of this coating is to either remove the quartz sleeve or soak in muriatic acid or simply us the knob that is attached to the wiper. These are ceramic blades that peal the coating off the glass sleeve.   

The Aqua Ultraviolet line of UV sterilizers comes in a wide range of sizes from fifteen watts all the way up to 200 plus watts. The units have many fitting sizes that can help installation of the UV sterilizer in any situation (ours can be reduced from 2"). The main purpose of the UV sterilizer is to reduce or eliminate algae, bacteria even protozoan from the water column.   

The Aqua Ultraviolet will polish water in as little as three to five days sometimes, and even overnight if sized correctly and operated in the way it was designed for.

The UV method has proven to be the one of the best ways to control algae, bacteria blooms and parasites (protozoa). The way in which a UV sterilizer operates is by inducing the water column with germicidal radiation (humans or animals should not be exposed to the direct light). The radiation that is emitted from the lamp alters and/or disrupts the DNA and RNA of singled cell organisms in its protective heavy duty casing.

Aqua Ultraviolet has been the leader in UV sterilization for over 25 years and has set the industry standard with its optional wiper, which helps in the lifespan of the lamp and with maintenance. The wiper keeps your quarts sleeve crystal clear and one hundred percent efficient. The wiper is always recommended by the experts, so much so, that we ONLY sell units that include wipers. This is a device that takes less than 4 seconds to use and if done once a month will outperform any UV sterilizer without a wiper many times over. Replacement bulbs are available in all sizes for the Aqua Ultraviolet sterilizer series.  


  •         Eliminates algae
  •         Safely controls fish disease
  •         Destroys harmful bacteria, protozoa and algae
  •         Clear cap glow shows lamp is on
  •         Longest lamp life on the market - 14 months
  •         Convenient single end lamp connection
  •         Clear cap glow shows lamp is on
  •         Optional wiper keeping quartz sleeve clean for optimal UV penetration
  •         Out performs any UV sterilizer without a wiper by 80% over the long term


38.75" x 3.75" x 16.50"