Aqua Ultraviolet UV 15 Watt Retrofit for Savio Compact Skimmer


Lifegard PRO-MAX - 3" High Output Standard Germicidal UV Sterilizer - 120 Watts

Aqua Ultraviolet UV 25 Watt Retrofit for Savio Grande Skimmer

Brand: Aqua Ultraviolet
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Aqua UltraViolet is the number one selling UV Sterilizer company on the world for a reason. The best quality there is. Now they have made a very cost effective alternative to the in-line UV that is their mainstay, the retrofit for the Savio Compact Skimmer. This saves over $100 on the classic Aqua Ultraviolet in-line model and is much easier to assemble, literally done in a couple of minutes
For use with the Savio Compact Skimmer Unit only (Not for the Full Size Skimmer)

Please Note: This will only fit with the Savio GRANDE Skimmer and NOT the Compact Skimmer!

Included: 25 Watt UV Lamp
•    Quartz Sleeve
•    Transformer
•    Adapters for both Old Style (Large Hole) and New Style (Small Hole) Included from Aquatic Warehouse at no Extra Charge!
•    Connections
•    Proven Life Expectancy – The Best Bulb Made!
•    Excellent Aqua UV warranty and Customer Care
•    Simple Retrofit Instructions Manual . PDF

12 Month Limited Warranty on the Transformer  and 12 Month Prorated Warranty on the Lamp.
8 foot Power Cord to Transformer  Plus - 3 Feet to the  transformer
120 Volts - 0.48 AMP
For use in ponds up to 2000 gallons and flow rates up to 1800 gallons per hour
Only for use in the Compact Skimmer model that has one UV port model CS0000, CS6000, CS8500
This UV Sterilizer will not work as an inline unit. This Unit is designed to be placed into the Skimmer only.
Care should be used to not touch lamp with bare fingers, use gloves. NEVER look at a UV lamp while it is operating.
Pond flow and size description above are based on having decent filtration and a good amount of plant coverage or shade.