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Tunze Osmolator 3155 - Auto Top Off System

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Tunze Osmolator 3155 - Auto Top Off System                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The innovative Tunze 3155 Osmolator ATO was first displayed thirty years ago by Norbert Tunze at the Interzoo, the world’s largest pet industry trade show, with a revolutionary new product. This product was one of the Tunze founder’s many inventions; it was also the first product of its kind in the industry. Though he was quite certain it would become a very useful product, he could not have predicted just how widely used it would become.

Hundreds of accolades from enthusiasts are: exact, wouldn't use anything else, unbelievably accurate, the best, etc!

Norbert’s real goal in designing the Osmolator wasn’t to make the aquarist’s life easier; it was to make the lives of the aquarium inhabitants easier. Aquariums are constantly evaporating water, some faster and some slower, but they’re all doing it all the time. When a saltwater aquarium evaporates water, the salts stay behind causing the salinity of the aquarium to rise. Depending on the rate of evaporation, and the rate at which the evaporated water is topped off, the resulting salinity fluctuations can be a significant stressor for marine life. Known as osmotic shock, this stress factor can make the difference between a thriving and a struggling aquarium.

Another very important function is that your protein skimmer with work 40-60% more efficiently because all skimmers work at their best when the water level in the sump is constant, so you can fine tune it properly. 

Because of the Osmolator’s extreme water-level sensing precision, it’s able to detect and replace minuscule amounts of evaporation. The more frequently and precisely the water is replaced, the more stable the salinity… and the happier everyone inside and outside the aquarium will be.

Product Specifications:

  • ·        New Magnetic Sensor mount, very easy to use! The mini optic sensor recognizes the water level precisely (literally a teaspoon of water will be noticed if removed).
  • ·        The functions are displayed not only optically, but you have the option of having sound alarms in case of any high or low water in the tank or sump or in the case of failures.
  • ·         Redundancy is security! Included is the safety circuitry that shuts the pump off within 10 minutes time. On top of this you still get the float switch and optic sensor.
  • ·        The Osmolator is an "every-thing-you-need-is-in-the-box" well thought out product. The quality you can expect from Tunse!
  • ·        You can even control the power or flow level of the pump.



The osmotic regulators are all operated at very-low voltage for added safety.
Metering pump capacity: 2.95ft/head: 13.75gph, 4.9ft/head: 12.4gph, 6.56ft/head: 7.2h, max head: 7.22ft

Ready for mounting with power supply unit, metering pump, hose, sensor holding device.

The precise water level is ensured by a non-wearing optical sensor and a transistor switch without any moving parts. This sensor is sensitive and very rugged, impermeable to light, magnetic fields and algae.

An electronic time controller and current limiter for the pump connected result in a higher operational safety. This unit protects the metering pump against running dry and reports an empty storage container.


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