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Tunze Comline® Internal Filter 3162

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Tunze Comline® Internal Filter 3162

The Tunze Comline® Filter 3162 is an innovative approach to filtration used internally for fresh and saltwater from 15 to 105 gallons, depending on tank load. This dynamo of a filter is extremely small and versatile with bottom and surface water intakes, which gives you the ability to pull more detritus from the water column than any other type of filter. The 3162 filter comes with the attachments for an auto top-off system (Tunze Osmolator® 3155) for accurate water level control and a designated slot for the hobbyist to add an internal heater rated up to 75 watts. We use these filters at Aquatic Warehouse, and load them with filter floss and a Poly-Filter with excellent results.

Added Features;

  • Comline® Filter 3162 variable output of 70 - 225 gph

  • Patented Magnet Holder up to a pane thickness of 3/8“ glass or rimless acrylic

  • Utilizing a messily 4.5 watts!!

  • It can be upgraded with controlled heaters up to 75 watts, with water passing around the heater where it won’t burn your delicate animals.

  • It can be upgraded with a TUNZE® 3155 Osmolator and other Magnet Holders

  • This quality product is made in Germany and comes with a 2-year manufacturer`s warranty

  • Surface intake with bacteria and peptide film removal

  • Holds and hides all mechanical and chemical (phosphate) filtration media

  • Easy to use, elegant and unobtrusive in the aquarium


Dimensions: 4.3"lenth x 3.5" width x 10"in height

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