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API Water Softener Pillow

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API Water Softener Pillow    

Helps protect sensitive soft water tropical fish from hard water. Also eliminates white, crusty mineral deposits on aquarium surfaces. Great for planted aquariums and aquariums housing angelfish, neon tetras, South American cichlids or any freshwater fish from soft water environments. Rechargeable resin may be successfully used multiple times to replicates natural, soft water conditions in the home aquarium. Safe for delicate tropical fish.

Small ready-to-use pouch is for aquariums up to 20 gallons.

* Rechargeable filter media effectively reduces general hardness in freshwater aquariums
* Reduces aquarium GH (general hardness) by lowering calcium and magnesium
* Use Water Softener Pillow to replicate natural soft water conditions in the home aquarium

API Water Softening Pillow
Benefits: Scientifically proven to reduce GH (general hardness) by lowering calcium and magnesium. Also removes heavy metals and reduces white crusty minerals on aquarium surface. API Water Softener Pillow can be reused after it is recharged in a salt solution.

When to Use:
When starting or maintaining an aquarium or when testing indicates water hardness above the desired level.

Directions for Use:
Rinse pouch under tap water. Place pouch in path of water flow in the aquarium filter. Activity of the pillow lasts 48 hours. After 48 hours, recharging is necessary.

To Recharge:
Dissolve 3 tablespoon of aquarium salt in 7 oz of tap water. Rinse pouch in tap water, then soak in salt solution for 2 hours. Place back in filter – there is no need to rinse. When not in use, store Water Softer Pillow in recharging solution. Do not let pillow dry out. Replace when Water Softener Pillow ceases to function properly after recharging.

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