Reef Octopus Regal 300SSS Protein Skimmer with Varios DC Pump


RLSS DB6-i Protein Skimmer with DC2700HP Apex Ready Pump

RLSS DB10-i Protein Skimmer with DC10000ii Apex Ready Pump

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RLSS DB10-i Protein Skimmer

Newest Innovative Skimmer in the World!!!!

The RLSS Waveline Digitally Controlled DB10-i APEX Ready

“The Wine Bottle Skimmer”
This is the Protein Skimmer that the saltwater industry has been waiting for

  •        11 Digital Settings
  •        Innovative Air Silencer in Skimmer’s Neck
  •        Intake and Outflows are through Compartments on the Bottom of the Skimmer
  •        Newest Design to Optimize Water and Massive Air Intake
  •        The Size of the Bubbles are Less than ½ the size of other Needle-Wheel Skimmers!!
  •        APEX Ready Controller
  •        Small Footprint for a Massive Skimmer- 220-240 Gallons LOADED Reef or 300 Medium Load!!
  •        Run on a Ridicules 93 Watts at Full Power Measured at the Adapter! 
  •        No Bulky Out-flow Tubes with Hard to Control Leveling Control
  •        Rack and Pinion Fine Tuning Control for Leveling
  •        30 Minute Feed Delay Control
  •        New DC10000iiA 2nd Generation Pump Included

Dimensions  11.8" x 10.4"x 21.8

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