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H2Pro Cyclone Reversable Wave Pump

Brand: Ming Aquarium Products
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H2Pro Cyclone Reversible Wave Pump

H2Pro has come up with a truly innovative “reversible” wave pump that just showcased at the same time the “big-boy” wave pumps that just came out but at 1/3 the price and with more options! This small (less than 1-3/4” thickness profile) is so strong that you better have your corals glued down if you have it turned all the way up. For as little as 132 gph and up to 2642 gph can be achieved with multiple wave patterns utilizing the included easy to use controller. There is a whole lot of features for a little power-house pump priced at Aquatic Warehouse under $150!

  • ·         A Wave Pump that You Can Grow With
  • ·         Very Unique Reverse Flow of the Wave Pump (Forward/Reverse)
  • ·         Adjustable Flow Rate: 132-2642gph (500-1000L/h)
  • ·         Super Versatility - Excellent in 20 gallon up through 300 gallon Tank Size
  • ·         Includes an Easy to Use Controller
  • ·         Multiple Custom Pump Schedules (6 per day), Converts to Master/Slave Wireless Mode
  • ·         Feed Bypass Timer  (10/20min)
  • ·         Strong Secure Magnet Mounting
  • ·         Night Mode