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PondMax SP250 Submersible Filter

PondMax SF650 All-In-One-Filter System

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Brand: PondMax
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PondMax SF650 All-In-One-Filter System

The PondMax All-In-One filter system is a complete turn-key "submersable" filtration with pump for ponds up to 500 gallons. This well designed filter comes combined with a UV clarifier, filter, pump, and fountain display has mechanical and biological filtration with an integrated 13 watt UV light. This All-In-One filter is the perfect choice when a standard submersible box filter isn't enough. Heavy duty filter screen minimizes maintenance. Your choice of multiple fountain nozzles to  help aerate water and provide a beautiful display. Maximum flow 660, Max Head 8', 

  • Max Pond - No Fish/Shaded 1000 Gallons

  • Max Pond - Fish/Full Sun 500 Gallons

  • UV wattage – 13 watt

  • Max Pump Flow   660 gph

  • Max Head – 13 feet

  • Water Outlet - 1/2" / 3/4" / 1"- Adapters Included

  • Cable Length – Longer Than Standard – 30 feet!

  • Power Consumption only 57 watts, 115 Volts

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