Beaver Creek Dry Bacteria & Enzyme Treatment 32 oz

Pure Pond Bomb

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CrystalClear PondShock  is now PURE Pond Bomb ,contains billions of all natural, live bacteria and enzymes that are designed to rapidly break down ammonia, nitrites and organic waste. This process will leave your pond crystal clear and healthy. One Pure Pond Bomb ball is now improved and can treats up to 5284 gallons for 4 weeks. You can not over dose!

Simply toss the ball and activating gel into the pond water and Pond Bomb immediately goes to work to clean up organic waste to provide crystal clear water.

Pure Pond Bomb is also designed to jump-start your biological filters by helping to remove toxic ammonia and nitrite through out the summer and fall.

  • Works fast

  • Produces SHOCKingly clear water

  • Contains billions of live beneficial bacteria

  • Safe for use in all ponds, will not harm fish like chemical treatments!

  • Treats up to 5284 gallons up to 4 weeks 

    Pond Bomb is designed to give your pond an extra boost when poor water quality issues escalate. Pure Pond Bomb also helps jump-start your biological filters in the spring and reduce ammonia spikes when new fish are added to the pond. Pure Pond Bomb is a great alternative to chemicals to clear your pond.