PondMAX Ultra PF2400UV Pressurized Pond Filter with 18 Watt UV


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PondMAX Ultra PF3600UV Pressurized Pond Filter with 24 Watt UV

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PondMAX Ultra PF3600UV Pressurized Pond Filter with 24 Watt UV

The PondMAX Pressure Filter high efficiency pressurized pond filter system with integrated UV-C uses a new UV technology and has a user-friendly design. These units create crystal clear water that can keep a pond or water feature suspended-algae free for years (If Sized Right). The PondMAX Pressure Filter with an integrated UV provides a smart and efficient solution for a new or existing water feature.

The PondMAX Pressure Filter features an easy-to-use backwash system that is able to clean the foam pads inside the filter without having to open up the entire system. The filter cleaning process can be taken care of within a few minutes and the aquarist does not have to deal the hassle of taking the filter apart or removing the filter pads. This feature rich filter ensures that the internal filters perform at optimal levels for many days and prolongs the time between full maintenance sessions. An “easy-view” cleaning indicator signals when it is time to perform backwash cleaning. 

All of the units can be installed in or above ground. PondMAX Ultra PF3600 Pressurized Pond Filter

  • For ponds up to 3,600 gallons without fish and 1800 gallons with fish.
  • Maximum flow rate: 3200GPH
  • Pressure indicator to show when filter needs cleaning
  • Large surface area of bio media to ensure maximum biological filtration
  • An integral backwash function back-flushes the filter media
  • Inlet, Outlet, and Ball Valve backwash connection are stepped to accept 3/4",1", 1-1/4", & 1-1/2" inch tubing-Always use as large as possible tubing size so to reduce friction and head-pressure loss.
  • Can be buried up to the lid
  • Can be used in-line with waterfall and water features
  • Dimensions: 15.75" L x 14.5" W x 20" H
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 16' Electrical Cable for the UV