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Lab Grade pH Probe by Neptune Systems                                

A port to connect a pH probe is included on the Apex Base Module, Apex Lite Base Module and on Probe Module 1. The ORP port on the Apex Base Module can be used as a second pH port if needed. Setup and usage of these pH ports and calibration of the connected probes is the same for all probes on the system. The Base Module pH probe will be identified as "pH", if the ORP port is configured for pH; it will be identified as pH2, the pH probe(s) on the PX1000 Probe Expansion as "pHA", "pHB" and so on, and probes on Apex Probe Module 1 (PM1) as "pHx3", "pHx4" and so on. The pH probe is connected to the port labeled "pH" on the base module. If using the ORP port on the Apex Base Module for pH, or the port on Probe Module 1, the probe will be connected to the port labeled "pH/ORP". Push the BNC female connector on to the male connector and turn 1/4 turn clockwise to lock the connector place. To remove the probe, turn 1/4 turn counterclockwise and gently pull the connector straight off the base module.

Remove the cap from the pH probe and discard the solution in the cap. All new probes should be rinsed in clean tap water before placing in the aquarium. Place the pH probe in an area with high flow that is continuously wet (not an overflow that may drain dry, for example). Maintain a drip loop in the wire back to the Apex Base or Probe Module.

-Quality Probes for the Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Systems.

-Accurate Aquarium Water Parameter Data Support for Apex Systems Functions.

-Replace Worn Probes or Add Probe to Monitor Different Aquariums. These are not Double Junction probes.