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Multi-Light RMS Arm Kit - EcoTech Marine Radion

Brand: EcoTech Marine
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Multi-Light RMS Arm Kit - EcoTech Marine

The Multi-Light Radion Mounting System for Radion LEDs - Arm Kit includes the two vertical pieces that mount to your tank and support the RMS Multi-Light system.

The Multi-Light RMS features:

  • Perfect for Rimless, Rimmed, or Euro-Braced tanks
  • Hide those unsightly wires and cables with “Built-in Cable Management System”
  • Rigid and Light-Weight
  • Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • A single Multi-Light RMS can support XR15 and XR30 lights on the same track
  • Flexible slide mounts allow for precise placement of your Radions
  • Mounts Radions approximately 7 inches (18cm) above the tank

    Does not come with horizontal bar or Slides to hold the Radions (sold seperatly, depending on tank side to side dimentions and quantity of light units). Please see Eco Tech Multi-Light RMS Track Lengths and RMS Slides .

The Multi-Light Radion Mounting System requires purchase of the three main components:

  1. RMS Track - Horizontal piece that spans between the RMS Multi-Light Arms
  2. RMS Arm - Vertical pieces that mount to your tank and support the RMS Multi-Light system
  3. RMS Slides - Adjustable mounting brackets that attach to the RMS Track and support the Radion