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Seachem Garlic Guard 250 ml

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Seachem Garlic Guard 250 ml
GarlicGuard™ is an appetite/flavor enhancer for freshwater and saltwater fish. GarlicGuard™ will help renew the interest of poor or finicky eaters. GarlicGuard™ contains naturally derived garlic oil. GarlicGuard™ also contains Vitamin C. GarlicGuard™ is for use in both freshwater and marine. GarlicGuard™ is reef safe.

Seachem sells the same garlic extract (with the added value of Vitamin C addition) in an 8 oz bottle for less than half the price of other manufacturers’ 1 oz. bottle! Garlic is safe for all fish and there is no danger of overdose.

Shake well before use. Soak food in GarlicGuard™ before feeding. For enhanced effectiveness against Ich and other parasites use Seachem's Focus™ and Metronidazole™ as follows: Add 1 measure of Metronidazole™ to 1 measure of Focus™ per tablespoon of frozen food. Completely soak this food mix in GarlicGuard™, refrigerate, and feed once or twice daily for 1–2 weeks.