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Neptune Sky LED Lighting System

Brand: Neptune Systems
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The highly anticipated Neptune Sky LED Lighting System is here and we have them in stock at Aquatic Warehouse.

What makes this light different then other high-output LED's?

  •     A Re-Directional Panel that spreads the color and power of the LED's much more evenly than any light to date.
  •     A blending of the color wavelength that sends one homogenized color to the aquarium surface. 
  •     Less shadowing than other LED's; the look is magnificent!
  •     Larger Area means Better Light to Coral Ratio; a solid size of 12.8" x 9.25"  of LED Panel.
  •     Over 250 par at 30" aquarium depth with the diffuser! (rated at 10" above the aquarium water).
  •     Works with an Apex or Stand-Alone with Bluetooth.
  •     104 individual LEDs with Multiple Moon Cycles Available. 

Choice of mounts are the "Black Hanging Kit" or the Radion XR30 Tank Mount Kit