Fluval Sea Marine and Reef 3.0 LED 24"- 32"


Fluval Sea Marine and Reef 3.0 LED 48"- 60"

Fluval Sea Marine and Reef 3.0 LED 36"- 48"

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Fluval Sea Marine and Reef 3.0 LED 36"-48"

The new Fluval LED Marine and Reef 3.0 is not only a powerful 46 watts, but will expand from 36" to 48”. We have sold many of these 3.0 lighting systems and have received very positive feedback.

These versatile LED's are designed in Germany and are loaded with a ton of features like the easy-to-use blue tooth controlled on your phone. Or, if too much technology is not your thing, then the touch controls on the unit itself is a blessing not usual found on high tech products.

Fluval 3.0 LED’s have incorporated lighter aluminum framework that has reduced overall weight by 50% from previous models while maintaining the quality in structure.

High marks are given for the updated design and light color with the new generation of High Thermal Efficiency LED's which function at a higher operating temperature, providing improved long-term light output and spectral performance. A re-engineered aluminum shell that supplies better heat transfer than most other LED displays while providing added protection against water and humidity intrusion in conjunction with the light’s IP67 waterproof rating.

The Marine and Reef spectrum also LED gives you 7 unique color band waves for saturated full spectrum result.


  • Blue Tooth with the Easy to Use App
  • Responsive Light Touch Manual Controls
  • Lighter but Strong Aluminum Housing
  • Sleek Design
  • Sunrise-Sunset and Moon Settings
  • Great Color Saturation and Shimmer
  • Low Energy but High-Output Power that Corals Demand – 46 Watts!