AquaMaxx Prism 36" LED

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AquaMaxx Prism LED

The new AquaMaxx Prism LED is the best looking – super thin LED Reef light on the market today, measuring a measly 0.43” thick! At Aquatic Warehouse, we have seen dozens if not hundreds of different LED lighting systems; the AquaMaxx Prism has addressed so many negative issues we have with most of the other LEDS, well, we had to have this line!

Utilizing a smart aluminum unibody design that passively cools the LEDs allows for a very quiet lighting system, so no loud cooling fans required here.  The clean look on cantilevered brackets, are amazingly sturdy and lock in place (included)! The Prism is more power than most LEDS, up to a solid 72 Watts. They got rid the frustrations with the Wi-Fi, which this writer has cussed at more than not!!  They have a simple in-line controller that is very easy to program (with 4 set points for sunrise and sunsets etc.) with built in timers and preset colors that are controllable for a look of your choosing.

Thunderstorm mode has also been enhanced. You can now control when storms occur in a 24 hour period, how many storms will occur during that time and how frequently the storms appear.

LED Lighting Layout

The AquaMaxx 36” Prism has 144 high-quality 0.5 watt LEDs in 7 colors distributed in 3 controllable channels, allow you to dial in the perfect color spectrum to fit your tank’s exacting needs.

Prism Features

  • Best for Marine Reef Aquariums 36" Expandable to 48"
  • Built with a “Air” Separation that Keeps Any Heat Away from the Water
  • Ultra slim 0.43” body thickness
  • All aluminum unibody design
  • Quiet Fan-less Design
  • High-Quality Multi-Spectrum 0.5 watt LEDs
  • 144 Ultra-Bright Diodes in 7 Colors including UV
  • External 2-Button Smart Controller with Timer and Dimmers to Simulate Sunrise and Sunset
  • Gradually Ramp up or Down Light Intensity Between 4 Set Points
  • Lunar Moonlight Settings for Nighttime Viewing
  • Create Weather Effects with a Programmable Thunderstorm Mode
  • Adjustable Tank Mounting Brackets Included
  • UL approved power supply
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • light hanging kit is also available (sold separately)

There is no need to purchase an expensive sold separate tank mount to put the Prism over your aquarium. The included mounting brackets are slim, adjustable, and easy to install. One of the key high-points of this lighting system is the unobstructed view of your reef without sacrificing the stability of the fixture. The mounting brackets lock to stay safely in place on the rim of your tank.

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