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Aqua Designs Amano Solar RGB LED Lighting System for Planted Aquariums

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 Aqua Design Amano Solar RGB LED Lighting System for Planted Aquariums

The new innovative Aqua Designs Amano Solar RGB represents an amazing breakthrough in planted aquarium lighting! At Aquatic Warehouse, we either sell, use, or have witnessed every lighting system currently available in the industry. While though, we understand that these hi-end LEDs are not for everyone, what we will do is state that the Solar RGB is the very BEST freshwater lighting system we have ever seen, hands-down! The spectacular coloration, plant growth, light intensity, spread and style of the unit itself has no match. It somehow brightens fish and plants without any glaring that LEDs are known to give off, all while making reds and greens much more vivid in soothing tones. When viewing the finest Aquacape pictures the world over; most of them are depicted using the Aqua Designs Amano Solar RGB!

Product Features

  • Revolutionary Full-Spectrum RGB LEDs for Showing Vivid Colors of Aquatic Plants and Fish.
  • Amano Designed Ideal Wavelength for Exceptional Aquatic Plants Growth.
  • Focused on Brightness, Coloration and Light Uniformity.
  • Enlarged Light Emitting Face with Diffused 160 Ultra RGB LEDs that allows for Enhanced Light Uniformity and Wide Coverage Area and Results in Even Growth of Aquatic Plants.
  • Prevents Large Shaded Areas Caused by Stone or Driftwood Blocking the Light Source.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • 160 RGB Ultra LEDs are Installed in a Solar RGB Unit.
  • Cool Running.
  • Full Metal Construction.
  • Long Lifespan.
  • Stunning Stylization.
  • Silent Fan-Less Operation with the Unique Heat Radiator Design.

Design Functionality Infusing the Heat Radiator Fins and Airflow

With “typical high output” LED lights, the temperature of the LED element itself increases, and causes degradation of its performance or shortening the lifetime. To avoid that, an appropriate anti-heat countermeasure is necessary. The heat radiator fins of Solar RGB are intentionally uncovered and taken in as a part of the entire design, which makes a top-of-the-line design that is not just beautiful, but also for functionality. The concept of design is the same as the every other Aqua Designs Amano products; “simple and neat”. The Solar RGB consisted of functionality and design that surely vivifies any Aquacape.

Attention to detail; this well-balanced "piece of art" is lightweight by separating the ballast from lighting unit and removing a cooling fan. Also the heat radiator fins are spread out from the front to the rear of the lighting unit, it accomplished its slim-line profile and high performance in heat rejection.


 Colors Not Typically Seen in Planted Aquariums

The white LEDs installed in ordinal aquarium lights have capability of breeding aquatic plants once if its illuminance is enhanced. They however tend to glow yellowish, not glow vividly in red and green due to the nature of wavelength. With Solar RGB, in order to break through the problem above, RGB LEDs are installed and embodied an ideal wavelength for viewing and growth of aquatic plants. Blue light promotes photosynthesis of aquatic plants and renders the clearness of water. Also green light enhances the green color of aquatic plants, red light enhances the red color of aquatic plants. Solar RGB concurrently lights up of those three colors, which brighten up the aquatic plants vividly and clearly.


Size / Lighting unit: W43×D28×H6.4 (cm), (16.9"x 11"x 2.5")

Electronic ballast: W21×D9×H6.5 (cm), (8.2"x3.5"x2.5")