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KOITOILET II Pond Bottom Drain 3"

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KOITOILET II Bottom Drain 3"

The Koitoilet II is a pond drain that is designed for the bottom of koi ponds and water gardens. It has a unique design that allows water to drain from the bottom of the pond and blocks livestock trying enter the drain. The Koitoilet II can be installed to drain ponds built with liners or hard plumbed for concrete applications.

The smooth design of the drain cover allows livestock to hit the cover and not damage its self. The Koitoilet II is easy to maintian and will last for years to come. The drain should be installed at the deepest point of the pond to filter the most waste. Please make a note, that if installing the drain in a liner application, you must seal the top side of the flange with silicon.

The Koitoilet II comes with three pieces; a throated flange, a compression ring and domed cover. The product is made of injection molded PVC and has a newly designed compression ring made to be thicker and stronger.


The Simple Solution for Koi Pond Bottom Drain

  •         Made of heavy duty injection molded PVC.   
  •         Thick flange and liner ring for better liner grip.   
  •         Flare design for smooth flow.   
  •         Fits 3" Sch40 PVC Elbow or Coupling.   
  •         Excellent for liner and concrete installation