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Kessil AP700 Controllable LED Aquarium Light

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Kessil AP700 Controllable LED Aquarium Light

Kissel has released their new Ap700 panel LED lighting system. They have incorporated the same great Dense Matrix Array Led technology but, with an upgraded spectrum output. The AP700 can support any of the light hungry livestock available on today’s market and still has room for more.

The new Kessil AP700 is not just two A360s put together but, a whole new lighting design. The Ap700 optics has been completely redesigned from the ground up and all new control format allows the user to control every aspect of the light. The Kessil AP700 has the ability to cover a four foot tank without the use of supplemental lighting.

AP700 is the direct wireless control that will be accessible through a dedicated application which will finally unlock fine-grained control of various lighting features as well as the coral-flattering colors. The AP700 is a 185 watt fixture and is packed with two 60 chip LED arrays. The AP700 features a flawless touch control panel to easily adjust intensity, color and cycle through preset program modes. Some of the preset lighting cycles are dawn/dusk effect, acclimation mode, weather effects (storm and cloud) or lunar moonlight cycles.

The AP700 will be packed full of incredible new features and accessories soon to be revealed. The iPad app will be available to download at launch from the App Store with iPhone and android versions to follow shortly.


  •    Beautiful Shimmer
  •    Full-Spectrum Light
  •    Superior Color Mixing
  •    Unrivaled Penetration
  •    Proprietary UV Blend
  •    Compact Design
  •    Full Color Controls
  •    Fisheye optics


  •    Wattage: 185W
  •    Fixture Dimensions: 20.08" X 6.38" x 1.54"

*Single AP700 Maximum Coverage

       *36"x 24" at 7" above water level

       *48" x 24" at 18" above water level

AP700 Video

AP700 Video