150gpd RO/DI 6 Stage Custom System (Includes 2 stage TDS Meter No Extra Charge)


DI Filter Cartridge (Refillable) Ten Inch Model

Deionized Mixed Bed Resin Super Hi-Grade (fills one cartridge)

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Deionized Mixed Bed Resin - Bulk Super Hi Grade (fills one cartridge)

The Aquatic Warehouse™ refillable deionized mixed bed resin is a color changing substrate that is of the "very highest quality" available. Most "mixed bed resins" utilize an unstable component that reacts to air and can have a short shelf life. At Aquatic Warehouse™, we have sourced a Bio-Tech-Research grade resin that reacts to water, not air!

This resin has a special ion exchanging property that allows for heavy metals and salts to bond with the individual beads and encapsulate them for removal.

The DI resin has a specific property that will alert you when it is exhausted. It will change color from green to black indicating that it needs to be replaced. We always recommend using an accurate TDS meter that will allow you to stretch the “usability” to the last gallon. The rate at which the media become exhausted is based on the amount of impurities in the water source that the user is supplying the unit.

It is a good idea for the longevity of the media to use high quality sediment filters along with quality carbon as the pre-filters for the user's RO membrane and DI filter. The DI filter should always be installed after the pre-filters and RO membrane, this is the best system set-up to maintain pure water without damaging the RO membrane and DI media.

Mixed bed DI resin can have its effectiveness and life span drastically cut by high amounts of dissolved chlorine in the user’s water supply. To aide in the reduction of chlorine entering the media we suggest the user purchase our Matrikx carbon block for their carbon canister.  You can this find at


The Aquatic Warehouse™ refillable deionized mixed bed resin comes in a sealed bag that is easy to refill. Fills a standard 10" resin canister that virtually all manufactures use.

  • Just unscrew the bottom of the canister holding your resins.

  • Take out the existing foam or pad in your canister on both the top and bottom of the media.This assures that you don’t send resin partials through.

  • Clean and replace the bottom foam piece

  • Just pour in the resins and compact by tapping 5 or 10 times on a hard surface (we have given you 15% more than you will use so if you spill a bit, no big deal).

  • Replace the top piece of cleaned foam or pad.

  • Screw the cap back on.

  • Return to the cartridge holder and screw it back into the hold-down bracket.

  • Turn on and always check for leaks.

  • What is Deionization:

The process of utilizing special-manufactured ion exchange resins which remove ionized salts from water. Deionization typically does not remove organics, virus or bacteria except through “accidental” trapping in the resin and specially made strong base anion resins which will remove gram-negative bacteria.

Mixed-bed Deionization:

In mixed-bed deionizers the cation-exchange and anion-exchange resins are intimately mixed and contained in a single pressure vessel. The two resins are mixed by agitation with compressed air, so that the whole bed can be regarded as an infinite number of anion and cation exchangers in series.