Oase 200 Watt HeatUp Aquarium Heater

Oase 300 Watt HeatUp Aquarium Heater

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Oase 300 Watt HeatUp Aquarium Heater

The Oase 200 Watt HeatUp Aquarium Heater is a solid robust built heater that has patented bi-metal technology built into every heater they make.These heaters are known for accurate uniform heating throughout the surface of the durable specially formulated quartz glass outer shell. This heater is designed to be completely submersed into the aquarium or sump and also to fit into the Oase Master Thermo Canister filter line.

  • High-Quality Workmanship for Continuous Operation.
  • Submerged use for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums.
  • Includes a Safety Thermal Shutoff Switch for Added Protection.
  • An Accurate Control System Makes for Easy Readjustment of the Temperature Between 66°F - 90°F
  • Combine with the BioPlus300, FiltoSmart 300 or the BioMaster600 to enjoy filtration and heating in one compact location.
  • Utilize the ThermoFit FiltoSmart 300 (model number 48567) to secure the heater to the FiltoSmart 300 filter
  • Easy to install with the use of the included holder with suction cups.
  • The Heating Function Displayed via the Activated Control Light.
  • High Quality Quartz Glass Tube for Additional Safety.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Made in Italy, backed by German Engineering.
  • 3 Year Warranty.
Description Specs:
Dimensions Small Size- .9 inches x 14.6 inches  (23mm x 370mm)
Power Consumption  300 Watts
Power Cable Length Longer Than Industry Standard - 72”  
Net Weight – 8 oz.  (0.26 kg)
Guarantee – 3 Years!
Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater