Aqua Designs Amano CO2 Check Valve

Aqua Designs Amano Pressure Proof Tubing 2 M - 36"

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Aqua Designs Amano Pressure Proof CO2 Tubing 2 M - 36"

This is the perfect tubing for connection from a regulator to distribute CO2 to other hi-pressure ports.

Unlike silicon tubing, Aqua Designs Amano pressure-proof tubes do not allow penetration of CO2 gas which causes minute leakage. For distribution of CO2 gas, pressure-proof tubes are highly recommended, except for the direct connection to a glass product. Pressure-proof tube cannot be connected to a glass product.

  • Very Clear Tubing.
  • Strong Thick Wall and Will Not Leak CO2 Like Other Tubing Does.
  • Perfect with “John Guess” type “Push-In” Fittings.
  • Will Work with Ferruled Fittings.
  • Complement Hi-End Systems with its Clean Look.