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Aqua Designs Amano Drop Checker CO2 Glass Indicator

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Aqua Designs Amano Drop Checker - CO2 Indicator

Aqua Designs Amano has created an elegant way to accurately monitor the CO2 levels of your planted aquarium with a simple yet exotic glass sculpture. This precision glass inverted Beaker works without any added input by you. Just add the calibrated Aqua Designs Amano pH reagent and some aquarium water to Drop Checker.

"Be aware" that there are "cheap-knock-offs" all over Amazon that will break by just looking at them and do not work as well. We sell only the originals that they are trying unsuccessfully to emulate.

Complete with pH reagent (5ml)

Includes an Accurate Laminated pH Color Comparison Chart

Minute Pipit to Add and Extract Water to and From Drop Checker  

Note: If the reagent turns yellow at the very beginning of placement, due to the overly low pH value in the aquarium, the reagent color does will not change to blue, even after adding further CO2. In this instance, make a water change for raising pH level, and make sure the reagent turns blue or green before resetting Drop Checker in the aquarium. Then it is best to add new reagent for accuracy.