Waterbox Crystal Reef Peninsula 6026 White


Waterbox Crystal Reef Peninsula 7226Black

Waterbox Crystal Reef Peninsula 7226 White

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Waterbox Crystal Reef Peninsula 7226 White System

The Waterbox Crystal Reef Peninsula 7226 White Stand System represents a new innovative way to obtain the highest quality Starphire glass aquarium at a fraction of what other custom aquariums are selling for. Aquatic Warehouse has teamed up with Waterbox Aquaria to make it easy for you get one of these beautifully crafted reef systems right to your front door with a click of your finger, all this with free shipping from Aquatic Warehouse!*

Waterbox has changed the way America now manufactures aquariums. No more gaudy over filled seams, plastic molding that covers imperfections nor green glass!  Waterbox builds all their tanks out of Starphire Crystal Clear Glass and the seams are truly a work of art! Together with beautifully crafted 36” tall stands, multi baffled sumps and plumbing that is already manufactured and glued for you! The attention to detail is inspiring!

 Shipping Policy on Waterbox Aquariums

*Shipping Included at no charge, Except truck lift gate to a residential area is a $75 surcharge

Plumbing is Done for You - A Top-End Prefabricated System Included                        

The Pro series include an innovative dual manifold system to incorporate your favorite choice of media reactors; i.e. phosphate, calcium and any other of the numerous reactors.  This system helps to cut down the “clutter” in the sump with the elimination of an extra pump to run reactors or Refugiums. A quality designed gate valve precisely fine tunes the flow through your overflow box to the sump.


          • No Gluing Required The plumbing is pre-cut and incorporates pre-glued pieces allowing for easy installation and maintenance. In order to maximize directional flow, the Waterbox Platinum Series includes dual adjustable return nozzles.
          • Hi-End Precision Gate ValveControls the flow through the drain system and maintains super quiet operation.
          • Safety DrainTo prevent overflowing, a secondary safety drain is available.
          • Etched Glass Whisper Quiet Overflow DesignWaterbox design eliminates gurgling sounds from the overflow box.
          • Quick Disconnect UnionsDisassemble easily without any cutting of plumbing required.
          • Flexible Return LinesCan be easily adjusted to accommodate your choice of return pump.   




      Waterbox Crystal Reef Comparison Chart


Crystal Peninsula 5526

Crystal Peninsula 6026

Crystal Peninsula 7226

Main Features

Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass

Glass Thickness(mm)

3/5″ (15mm)

3/4″ (19mm)

3/4″ (19mm)

Glass Overflow System

Built in surface skimmer

Heavy Duty UV Coated Cabinetry

Integrated Evaporation (ATO) Reservoir

System Volumes

Display Water Volume (Gal)

130 Gal (492L)

141 Gal (533L)

169 Gal (639L)

Sump Water Volume (Gal)

40.3 Gal (153L)

45.3 Gal (172L)

40.3 Gal (153L)

Total System Volume (Gal)

170 Gal (644L)

186 Gal (704L)

228 Gal (863L)

Evaporation (ATO) Reservoir Volume (Gal)

5.8 Gal (22L)

5.8 Gal (22L)

External Reservoir 18.7 Gal (71L)

Display Dimensions

Tank Length (IN)

55″ (1386mm)

60″ (1536mm)

72″ (1836mm)

Tank Width (IN)

26″ (650mm)

26″ (650mm)

26″ (650mm)

Tank Height (IN)

24″ (600mm)

24″ (600mm)

24″ (600mm)

Total Height with Cabinet

60″ (1500mm)

60″ (1500mm)

60″ (1500mm)

Sump Dimensions

Sump Length (IN)

32″ (820mm)

36″ (850mm)

32″ (820mm)