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LIFEGARD® FULL VIEW Aquarium with Back Filter 7 Gallon

LIFEGARD® FULL VIEW Aquarium with Back Filter 5 Gallon

Brand: Lifegard Aquatics
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LIFEGARD® FULL VIEW Aquarium with Back Filter (Patented)

Lifegard Aquatics has come up with a beautiful innovative designed aquarium with a “slanted front viewing panel” and a complete filter that hides the components. Rather than the usual cube tank or flat front square tank, this aquarium is amazingly designed and offers a full view. You won’t need to bend to observe and enjoy the contents of the aquarium. When placed at the same level as a flat front tank, it has an angled front that allows for a larger viewing area. 

The LIFEGARD® Full View aquarium is a cut above other tanks in its class, offering a modern design with the maximum viewing area. The tank comes with everything you need to maintain a healthy ecosystem, including carbon and mechanical filtration, integrated CO2/O2 dispensing capability, full spectrum LED lighting, water level control with a waterfall, flex water flow, an aquarium pad, bio media, and a Quiet One 400 pump. Our customers love this tank and have remarked about the ease of viewing all the inhabitants.

5 Gallon Capacity:
Full Size Black Back Filter
Multistage Mechanical Sponge
Carbon Media Bio Balls
103 GPH Quiet One 400 Pump,
Full Spectrum LED Light
Integrated CO2 / O2 dispensing capability
100 Watt Preset Heater
Might Mag Algae Cleaner
Telescopic Aquarium Net
LED Thermometer
Aquarium Pad
Tempered Glass Lid & Clips

  • Dimensions: 13.8" x 10.0" x 10.0" (LxWxHt) 
  • The area front to back in filtration area is 2.36 inches x 13.0