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Fauna Marin LPS Grow + Color Coral Food 2.12 oz

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Fauna Marin LPS Grow + Color Coral Food 2.12 oz (60 Gram)  

Contents: Proteins 78%, Marine Lipids 17%, Carbohydrates 5%, Fats, Marine Proteins,  Omega3 fatty-acids, Stable Marine Oils , Lipids, Antioxidants. Trace Elements.


By far the most popular large polyp stony coral (LPS) food sold in Europe. Fauna Marin is a German-made food that aquarists all over the world have used to great effect for years. Fauna Marin LPS Grow + Color is made from natural plankton and combined with their proprietary blend of proteins and trace elements. The pellets themselves are designed to sink right down onto corals and have an oily consistency. Fauna Marin recommends feeding 2-3 times per week and only a single pellet per polyp. At Aquatic Warehouse, we have been using this product with great results. We have found super hydration and significant color rendering to occur from this very special food.


Recommended to turn the pumps off so the food is less likely to blow away. This also allows the corals with slower feeding responses (Chalis love this stuff) a chance to open and extend their tentacles. Second, cover the corals with a strawberry basket (weighted works great) or something similar if you find your fish eating the food off of the corals. We found that fish liked eating this coral food more than just about any other food offered, and they were more than willing to go digging into corals to get at it.

Manufacturer's Dosing Recommendation:

·         Feed the pellets directly to corals 2 times per week

·         Turn off pumps and target feed one pellet to polyp of each coral

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