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Flora-Spore by CaribSea

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Flora-Spore by CaribSea is a micro spore product that creates a healthier and more dense root system and also enables an increase in the ability for the plants to better intake fertilizers.  In nature, Bacteria form a symbiotic relationship with nearly all vascular plants and are the one of the essential components of the rhizosphere (the ecological zone influenced by roots and associated microorganisms).

After colonizing a root system, mycorrhizal fungi secrete acids to dissolve surrounding minerals which facilitates the delivery of elements to the host plant. In exchange they receive carbohydrates (a product of photosynthesis) from the host.

This relationship is hundreds of millions of years old.  Flora-Spore™ is a mix of mycorrhizal species formulated to promote a healthier and more dense root system and increase the ability of a plant to naturally obtain elements directly from a substrate. It also allows better uptake of fertilizers. 

Contains 3 x 20 gallon dose Packets

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