Sponge Filter - Hydra Aquatics 20 Gallon


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Sponge Filter - Hydra Aquatics 30 Gallon

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 By hooking an air pump up to the sponge filter, and placing at the bottom of the aquarium, water will be drawn into the sponge allowing mechanical and biological filtration to take place. The air bubbles floating upward will give you water movement and oxygen exchange, making the use of a propeller style powerhead unnecessary.

Quarantine is a necessity in the saltwater aquarium hobby and having the necessary equipment can make or break the process. Foam Sponge Filters are one of the necessary items for a quarantine/hospital tank as it will trap detritus as well as help establish a bacterial colony to help with biological filtration.

You can keep the sponge in the display tank until ready for use in a quarantine tank. By keeping the sponge in an active tank will help seed the bacteria onto the sponge and help prevent a nitrogen cycle in the quarantine tank from taking place.