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AquaClear BioMax 30

AquaClear BioMax is a specially formatted biological medium that helps to maintain a healthy, crystal clean aquarium by growing large amounts beneficial bacteria on its vast surface area. This excellent prepackaged mesh bag filter insert allows bacteria to break down the harmful ammonia and nitrite from fish and food waste. Replace when they show signs of wear.

·         BioMax Biological filter media has a massive surface area for how small the physical sizes of the Bio Rings are.

·         Keeps the Aquarium Clean, clear, fish their heathiest all while maintaining good water quality that keeps fish thriving.

·         Good bacteria breaks down harmful ammonia and nitrite from fish waste and other organic matter and starts the essential nitrogen cycle.

·         Prepackaged in a mesh bag for ease of use.

·         Recommended by ALL aquarist for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.