10" x 18" AquaGlobe Infused Mechanical Media Pad Filter Aquarium (Blue)


AquaTop Clear Magic for Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

10" x 18" AquaGlobe Infused Mecanical Media Pad Filter Aquarium (White)

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10" x 30" AquaGlobe Infused Mechanical Media Pad Filter Aquarium (White) 

Cut-to-fit filter pad is a semi dense pad that is used to filter out unwanted debris. This pad can be used in freshwater and marine applications. The filter pad can be cut in to any ship or size allowing the aquarist to create custom shapes or replace filter pads that are discontinued or obsolete.

We recommend the user replace the pad every two to three weeks depending on the waste that accumulates in the aquarium system. The pad can be pulled out once a week and washed out to help extend the life of the filter pad.

One of the biggest advantages to the cut-to-fit poly filter is that it will absorb free-floating particles before they are allowed to turn into harmful toxins.