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 Slide gate in skimmer chamber allows a high degree of water level control to ensure optimal protein skimmer performance. Built-in probe holders for secure and organized placement of electronic probes ensures precise monitoring of vital water parameters. Integrated media compartment is the perfect place for additional chemical filter media essential for superior water quality - also great for convenient aquarium heater placement.

* Deluxe sump filter with features for advanced aquarium hobbyists
* Highly customizable design allows aquarium filtration enhancements
* Easily add probes, additional media, or optimize skimmer function

To celebrate 15 years of excellence, Eshopps has released a new deluxe line for the RS series starting with the AZU-100. The AZU Series enables you to place your marine tank into overdrive with a Reef Sump that has many features, which are incomparable in the market.


  • Take your new Eshopps AZU out of the box and confirm you have all the parts as shown on the parts listing. Any missing parts must be reported within 48 hours of purchase.
  • Place the Sump (#1) so that the side with the Eshopps logo is facing you.
  • Put the Cover Lid (#6) back on top of the Micron Bag Compartment, so that only the 1-inch Bulkhead hole will be showing.
  • The Square Foam (#5) should already be in place between the two dividers at the right side of the tank. If not, place it there.
  • Insert the 3-foot Flexible Hose (#3) into the Bulkhead Fitting and connect it to the Overflow Box on your tank.
  • Double check to see if the adjustable water height in the Skimmer Compartment is at an optimal level to ensure skimmer performance.
  • Take out the Removable Tray underneath the Foam to place any heater or media in the space below. Afterwards, place the Removable Tray and Foam back on top.

Model Dimensions Skimmer Compartment Return Compartment Tank Usage/ Intake(s)
(Mfg# 95855)
24" x 14" x 14" high 9" x 12" 12" x 4.5" Up to 100 gals
Dual Intakes

Important Notes & Set-up Tips

  • Soak the Micron Bag in the water for 1 hour before installing into the AZU Series Reef Sump.
  • The Micron Bag should be replaced when necessary.
  • Water level in the skimmer compartment should be one inch above the sponge foam, and the water level in the return compartment should be up to the "Water Level" line.
Eshopps Deluxe Series AZU-100 Reef SumpPart #Description1AZU Series Reef Sump2(2) 1 inch Bulkhead Fitting33-foot Flexible Hose47" Micron Filter Bag5Square Foam6Micron Bag Compartment Cover Lid7(2) PVC Pipe Removable Tray

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When replacing the Micron Bag, why does my skimmer overflow?
A: To avoid the skimmer from overflowing, the Micron Bag should be soaked in RO water for up to one hour. If the Micron bag is replaced without soaking, it will cause the skimmer to overflow. The bubble should dissipate after a couple of hours after putting it back onto the system.

Q: How often should I change the Micron Bag?
A: The Micron Bag can be cleaned, washed, and reused up to 3 times, then replacing the Micron Bag. The Micron Bag should be cleaned with water only (do not use detergent).

Q: What should the water levels be in the Return Compartment?
A: The water level should be 5.5 inch or 1 inch above your return pump.

About Eshopps
Eshopps is a leading manufacturer that specializes in aquarium filtration for the saltwater industry. Their brand is best known for manufacturing high-quality line of acrylic sumps like our wet dry filters, reef sumps, refugiums and protein skimmers.

Primary Focus
Eshopps' goal is to provide hobbyists high quality products with a simple and clean design at a highly affordable price. Eshopps strives to become a hobbyist's trusted brand and provide exceptional customer service to everyone. They are not satisfied until you are satisfied.