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Eheim Jager TruTemp 100 Watt Aquarium Heater

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Eheim Jager TruTemp 100 Watt Aquarium Heater

Eheme Jager TruTemo 100 watt heater is a legendary heater with years of experience of building quality behind them.
Obvious ideas often are the best ones for example, the aquarium heater as a rod. The heating rod is simply hung in the water and heats it. It is true that the principle is still the same as decades ago. But a lot has changed in the meantime. And today the EHEIM adjustable heater is an ultramodern electronic thermal device with the best available technology. A jacket made from special laboratory glass increases the heating surface, serves as a heat shield and ensures optimum even heat emission and no matter if you want to heat a 5 or a 250 gallon aquarium.

Precise temperature adjustment from 67 up to 94 °F and safe recalibration (±2 °F) with a temperature control accuracy ± 0,5 °F. The temperature kept at a constant level and heating function is indicated by a control lamp that is completely submersible (watertight). With an automatic dry run shut-off (Thermo Safety Control) and glass jacket that increases the heating surface and ensures optimum even heat emission.

As you know, fish from tropical and sub-tropical waters require a constant water temperature. Before the engineer Eugen Jäger invented the aquarium adjustable heater some decades ago, there wasn’t any really satisfactory solution for controlling the water temperature suitably for an aquariums livestock.

Rated for 40 gallons.

Installation Guide

Start by unboxing the heater and set it aside for now. Find the rubber suction cups and clip and attach the suction cups to the installation clip. Snap the clip on the heater and then place the heater in the desired position. Fill the aquarium up with water and let the heater acclimate to the cooler water temperature. (Do not turn the heater on yet!) As soon as the heater has reached an equilibrium plug the heater in and set the temperature dial