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Carbon Doser Electronic JG Upgraded CO2 Regulator – with John Guess Fittings Upgrade

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The CarbonDoser CO2 Regulator is hands down the most accurate CO2 dosing product available, an easy to use system that includes a “hands-off” digital metering-valve adjustment. No more constant adjusting of the needle valves because of changes in CO2 pressure and fear of “crashing pH.” You can forget about it! Owners of this excellent product rave about its precision. You never have to worry about the “dumping” of CO2, which is a common issue with regulators that use needle valves, as the CarbonDoser CO2 Regulator completely eliminates the problem. For a needle valve to be accurate, it must rely on the pressure on both sides of it. Even if you set the needle valve at a certain “bubble rate,” the amount of CO2 passing through it will change if the outside atmospheric pressure or the pressure inside the cylinder changes, which makes it impossible for other regulators with needle valves to be consistent.

Instead of having a needle valve, the CarbonDoser CO2 Regulator comes with an electronic valve that opens and closes in less than a second, with each opening and closing equating to a bubble. Because of the electronic valve, the “bubble rate” cannot change once it is set, never varying more than 1/1,000 of a second.

Here are some of the amazing features of the CarbonDoser CO2 Regulator:

  • Incredible accuracy, which ranges from 4 bubbles per second to 1 bubble per 10 seconds 
  • The seconds per bubble as well as the size of the bubbles (from tiny to large) are fully adjustable
  • There is no solenoid that might overheat and eventually fail
  • The timing of the bubbles is completely electronic, so there’s no need for a needle valve
  • It’s low voltage (12 volts & only draws .5 amps)
  • After the non-transferrable 3-year warranty expires, the manaufacturer repairs the unit for $50 or less, which means this is the last regulator you’ll ever need to buy
  • Fully Automatic
  • Fully Electronic
  • Used for CO2 injection for freshwater planted aquariums, or as calcium reactors in saltwater applications
  • Neptune compatible and can be controlled with any pH controller—all you need to do is plug it in to the controller 

To install the CarbonDoser CO2 Regulator, attach it to the compressed tank and tighten it, then conduct a bleed-down test. Make sure to install the threaded brass piece with the rubber O-ring in either the regulator or the cylinder to create the “perma-seal.” No Teflon tape is necessary. Turn the regulator’s black knob counterclockwise all the way to ensure it is closed. 

NOTE: If the CO2 cylinder is opened while the knob is engaged, the high pressure might damage the low pressure gauge or affect its accuracy, which would void the warranty.