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Dennerle V30 Complete Basic Fertilizer

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Highly effective protective covers - so-called chelate - keep the nutrients available to the plants for a long period of time. Symptoms caused by a lack of nutrients are eliminated in the long term, the plants return to a magnificent green. Guaranteed phosphate and nitrate free - does not promote algae.

  • V30 Complete provides aquarium plants with all the nutrients they need for strong, lush growth.
  • All nutrients and nutritional substances are available in a form that can be taken up directly and is plant-active.
  • Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese ensure lush, green leaves.
  • Red and rust-coloured leaves are intensified and attractive markings made clearer.

K-fertiliser solution 3 with trace nutrients, with chelating agents DTPA, EDTA, HEDTA
3 % K2O water soluble potassium oxide
0.024 % B total boron = water soluble boron, 0.003 %* Co total cobalt = water soluble cobalt, 0.006 %* Cu total copper = water soluble copper,
0.35 %* Fe total iron = water soluble iron, 0.15 %* Mn total manganese = water soluble manganese, 0.012 % Mo total molybdenum = water soluble
molybdenum, 0.008 %* Zn total zinc = water soluble zinc
*up to 100% as chelate of DTPA, EDTA, HEDTA at pH 3-8
Net weight: see packaging;
Distributor: Dennerle GmbH, D-66957 Vinningen
Additional constituents: 0.27 % N total nitrogen, 1.8 % S water soluble sulphur, 0.75 % MgO water soluble magnesium oxide, 0.32 % Na water soluble sodium,
4 % organic substance
Conditioning aid: As a preservative: potassium sorbate, sodium formate; nutrient stabiliser: vitamin C; Application aids: as chelating agents DTPA, EDTA, HEDTA
Storage instructions: Store at room temperature. Protect against heat and frost.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children and pets.
Application guidelines: Only for fertilisation of ornamental plants in aquaria.
See packaging for detailed application instructions and dosages.
Note: Official guidance and recommendations take precedence.
Additional contents: 0.0018% Al aluminium, 0.0036% Li lithium, 0.0005% Ni nickel, 0.0009% V vanadium