Flipper 2-in-1 Standard Magnetic Aquarium Tank Algae Cleaner Scrubber Scraper

Flipper 2-in-1 Nano Magnetic Aquarium Tank Algae Cleaner Scrubber Scraper

Brand: Flipper Cleaning Magnet
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Flipper Nano Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner up to 1/4" Thick

2-in-1 Magnetic Scrubber and Scraper

At Aquatic Warehouse, being an aquatic only store for the last 26 years, believe us when we say we have cleaned a few aquariums. But we have NEVER used a magnetic cleaner that was easier to use with such excellent results!

The signature 2-in-1 logo comes from the fact that it is a scrubber and scraper.

On one side of the magnetic aquarium cleaner has a flat surfaced soft cleaning and polishing pad, which works great for quick daily removal of soft algae.  But with a simple twist of the outside handle, the inside cleaner Flips over inside the tank to a hard algae busting stainless steel scraper. No need to get your hands wet with this efficient aquarium cleaning tool.

If you lose  the inside section off the glass, it will float down very slowly and we have always been able to move the outside magnet fast enough to catch it before it settles on the bottom. Best for use with glass tanks, though it does come with an acrylic blade also, but care must be used with this application.

  • Comes in Three Sizes; Nano, Standard, and Max.
  • Simple to Use.
  • We Have Never Seen a Better Glass Cleaner.
  • Comes with Both Acrylic and Glass Blade.
  • Extra Blades Sold Separately.
  • Sand Does Not Get Trapped Easily Because of a Built In Gap.
  • Busts Through Tenacious Coraline Algae.