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Why Using LED Lighting in an Aquarium Is a Good Idea

Using LED Lighting in Fish Aquarium San Diego, CA

While there are many factors that can affect the overall health of an aquarium, lighting is a key component that’s often overlooked. Traditional lighting options include fluorescent, incandescent, and metal halide, but LED lighting actually offers quite a few benefits that other types of lighting don’t, and the staff at Aquatic Warehouse would like to share a few of these key benefits.

Even though LED lights can cost more than fluorescent lights upfront, they save you money in the long run since they consume 80 to 90 percent less energy. They also last a lot longer before burning out. LED lights can typically last for around 50,000 hours, which adds up to six years before you need to go buy new lights. There’s not much competition with incandescent bulbs clocking in at a life span of 2 to 4 months, standard fluorescent and metal halide at 6 to 18 months, and compact fluorescent at 28 months. LED lights don’t just burn out either. They fade over time, letting you know when you need to get ready to buy new lights.

Different fish have different needs when it comes to lighting. This isn’t an issue with LED lights since you can easily adjust how intense the light is with many models. You can dim them at night and brighten them in the morning to mimic the natural progression of lighting throughout the day. Some types of LED lighting can be controlled with the simple push of a button on a remote or even an app on your phone, which is a much better option than incandescent lights that heat the water unevenly, causing fluctuating water temperatures that are harmful to some fish.

Since aquarium LED lights are so compact, it’s much easier to get them set up over your tank, and you have more options for placement. Unlike traditional lights, LED lights are much safer since they don’t contain the dangerous gases or filaments that can result from a broken light. LED lighting also produces very little heat, which means it’s safer for both fish and curious kids who might come into contact with the lights.

In addition to being safe and practical, LED lighting can also serve aesthetic purposes. LED lights are available in many colors, so you can still have fun deciding how to design your aquarium. White spectrum lights encourage photosynthesis for plants, and they bring out oranges, reds, and yellows. Magenta spectrum highlights greens, blues, and reds. If you want your fluorescent fish to glow, there’s even a night lunar light that can help you achieve this effect. If you want multiple colors, there are color-changing LED lights. LED lighting also creates a beautiful effect on the water known as “daylight shimmer,” which resembles the play of natural sunlight on water. All of these options give you the opportunity to show off a healthy and beautiful aquarium.

At Aquatic Warehouse, we carry a wide array of LED lighting options for aquariums, but that’s not all. We also carry the highest quality aquarium monitors, dosing pumps, protein skimmers, and everything else you need to maintain a healthy aquarium environment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff today at 858-467-9297.

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