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6 Things that Indicate You’re Not Yet an Advanced Aquarist

Signs You're Not an Advanced Aquarist San Diego, CA

Fish are popular pets because many people assume they’re easy animals to care for. However, this seeming ease only comes with years of experience and acquired knowledge of taking care of fish. Beginners make some common mistakes with their aquariums, but these mistakes are easy to fix if you’re willing to learn and amend. Here are a few signs you’re not an advanced aquarist yet.

1. Overlooking Aquarium Maintenance

Life is busy. Between family, work, chores, and other priorities, maintaining an aquarium often falls by the wayside for beginners. It’s important to make a special point of the upkeep of your fish and acquire all the necessary fish tank supplies. Allowing their water to become too old or ignoring the cleaning of the filter and any other mechanisms means your fish are suffering. Testing to be certain the water quality in your aquarium is at its best should be at the top of your chore list each week.

2. Obtaining Fish without Research

Buying a fish on a whim can be fun, but consider what will happen when that fish is added to the aquarium. Many fish have vastly different requirements, which could endanger not only the new fish, but also the entire tank. Spend some time doing research before you buy fish. Look into their water and feeding needs, as well as their compatibility with the rest of your aquarium. Researching before buying could save you money and possibly save the lives of all your fish.

3. Omitting Water Dechlorination

Chlorine poisoning is one of the most common killers of pet fish. Before adding water to your aquarium, whether changing the water completely or simply giving the tank a top-up, always remind yourself to add dechlorinator to it. Signs of chlorine poisoning include strange behavior, gasping for oxygen, open and reddened gills, and clenched fins. Poisoning happens quickly, and once the signs appear, there’s not much that can be done to save a fish.

4. Not Considering Compatibility Between Fish Species

Obviously fish come from all over the planet, whether you’re ordering special additions for your collection or shopping at your local pet store. While diversity makes for a beautiful aquarium, it’s important to be certain the fish you choose are compatible with one another and will get along. Take extreme care in avoiding placing more pacifist and shy fish in the same aquarium as aggressive species. Again, it’s important to do your research.

5. Overfeeding

Feeding time can be fun, but it isn’t meant to be entertainment. Fish will always eat, and some might eat themselves to death if given the opportunity. A good rule of thumb is only putting enough food into your aquarium to last two to three minutes. If food is still hanging around for more than three minutes anywhere in the aquarium, you’ve fed them too much. Less than three, and there’s too little, though it’s better to underfeed than to overfeed. It’s also a good idea to keep the fish food in a place where children can’t get to it.

6. Overcrowding the Fish

Less is definitely more when it comes to populating your aquarium. A tank filled with brightly colored fish, plants, and shiny things is eye-catching, but it isn’t healthy for the fish themselves. When starting your aquarium, stick to a couple of fish at first. Add a few fish at a time with plenty of space in between—two weeks or so, if possible. Building a collection is exciting, but you should also make sure every addition is safe and happy. Don’t forget to add bacteria to supercharge your filtration and help you keep up with your new additions.

Not purchasing the right supplies is another mistake novice aquarists often make. From aquarium monitors and controllers to LED lighting and protein skimmers, Aquatic Warehouse has everything you need to maintain a healthy aquarium. Stop by our store in Kearny Mesa, check out our website, or give us a call at 858-467-9297.

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