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Reasons to Avoid Buying a Cheap Fish Aquarium

Why Shouldn't You Buy Cheap Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

Aquarists who are familiar with Tanked, the reality television series on the Animal Planet network, know that certain celebrities are so passionate about fish keeping that they won’t flinch at spending thousands of dollars on their favorite hobby, and a significant amount is spent on high-quality tanks. For example, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal started off with a modest tank before getting a lavish saltwater aquarium as his second one, and he really went all out. Some fish keepers are known to spend more on exotic species and decorations when they should really dedicate most of their cash on the glass or acrylic structures that hold their ecosystems. You don’t need to spend Shaq money to have an amazing aquarium, but you should think twice before buying used—or someone else’s problem.

You really don’t want to skimp on a fish tank. Even if you only intend to keep a couple of fish in a smaller tank, make sure it’s a high-quality purchase. Following are a few reasons you shouldn’t choose a cheap saltwater or freshwater aquarium.

Catastrophic Glass Leaks

Aquariums sometimes have a potential of breakage or pane separation. In the best of cases, the leak will happen slowly at the seams as the sealant gives way and the panes start to come apart. When this happens, you’ll come to know the quality of your tank because of the rate of water loss. With a cheap tank, you run the risk of a major leak putting your fish in danger. High-quality tanks feature better structural integrity, thus giving you time to relocate your fish and repair the damage. However, this usually only happens when a used aquarium is kicked around a lot.

Inadequate Glass Thickness

Aquariums aren’t supposed to have a fixed pricing structure. For example, if you see tanks sold at $1 per gallon, buyers beware—they shouldn’t be priced at $10 for a 10-gallon unit and $75 for a large 75-gallon tank. Larger tanks must have thicker glass panes as a matter of physics. If you see a cheap 20-gallon tank with glass that’s of the same thickness as a 10-gallon version, you’re looking at a high risk of breakage.

Greater Potential for Defects

Some unethical aquarium shop owners or corporate big box stores procure inventories at deeply discounted prices even after being told the tanks didn’t pass quality assurance checks. As you can imagine, the risk of defective tanks will be higher at lower prices. Small defects at the seams are reasonable because they can be repaired, but you don’t want to end up with a tank that has small cracks near the corners.

Lack of Warranties

Reputable manufacturers offer warranties on their products whether they’re made with glass or acrylic material. The cheapest tanks, when they’re sold new, are often sold without warranty, and this isn’t a situation you want to find yourself in. Some of these warranties transfer from the manufacturer to the store, which means the aquarium supplier will be fully reimbursed when you exchange a faulty tank for a new one.

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