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What Needs to Be Considered When Starting a 100-Gallon Freshwater Fish Tank?

How to Start 100-Gallon Fish Tank San Diego, CA

Larger aquariums add to the quantity and types of fish a hobbyist can keep, and they can also add to a home’s décor. An 80-gallon or 100-gallon aquarium is a popular choice when upgrading from a smaller tank, and to get the most from your fish tank you’ll want to consider more than just a good location that can support its weight while avoiding direct sunlight. The ideas covered below can help you achieve your goals.

The Types of Fish You Want

The needs of a saltwater tank will be different from those of a freshwater aquarium. Take a moment to determine the types of fish you want to start your 100-gallon aquarium with as well as the types you may want to try in the future. These decisions will help you determine what type of equipment you’ll need. Some species, such as Flowerhorn, need to be kept alone, while other breeds thrive in community settings.


A 100-gallon aquarium can weigh well over 1,000 pounds when filled with fish, hardware, and water. The location should be able to support the weight, and it will need to be level and able to house the tank and all external components. Direct sunlight should be avoided to prevent algae blooms and temperature spikes. The location should lack cool drafts during the winter and heating registers if at all possible.

Filtration Needs

One of the most important considerations when setting up an aquarium is the filtration system. Research the type of fish that will be housed in the tank, as some species will require more filtration than others. The number of fish and their adult size will also influence the filter needed. Make sure to provide biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration to keep the water sustainable for your pets as well as keeping maintenance to a minimum. We recommend a canister filter on these larger aquariums because of the superior surface area and multimedia types they contain, such as these great filters on our website:


Make sure you also allow for good aeration. More fish in your tank means you need to supply more air.

Heating and Lighting

Depending on the climate you live in, as well as the average temperature of your home, the tank will require a heater to keep the water temperature in the proper range for the inhabitants. Get a good heater because cheap heaters fail often. Again, research will provide you with a temperature range for each species. Keeping fish with similar ranges housed in the 100-gallon tank prevents compatibility problems that lead to poor health or early death.

Decorations and Substrate

Some fish are fine living in barren tanks, while many breeds enjoy certain types of substrate. Certain fish dig in sand or small gravel to build nesting areas. Rocks and containers can supply needed privacy and establish territories for fish such as cichlids.

When you’re ready to start your 100-gallon tank and need the right freshwater or saltwater aquarium supplies, reach out to the experts at Aquatic Warehouse. We have everything you need to properly maintain your aquarium and keep your fish happy and healthy. Give us a call today at 858-467-9297.



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