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How to Set Up Your Aquarium So It’s Safe for Your Children

Kid-Safe Aquarium San Diego, CA

When it comes to your children, safety is naturally your highest priority. It informs the choices you make about nearly everything. Pets are no exception. Whether you’re a longtime saltwater or freshwater aquarium owner or planning on bringing fish into a household with children for the first time, making sure the aquarium is safe for them is crucial.

Consider the Location and Construction of the Tank

Though you shouldn’t put the tank anywhere where small hands can tip it off a high shelf, a tank close to the floor could be just as risky. Finding a good sized table or stand—depending on your children’s age and height—is crucial to ensure they have a good view of the fish but that the tank itself won’t be a potential hazard. If possible, put the stand in a part of your home somewhere relatively out of the way to minimize accidents.

The construction of the tank is another major concern. An aquarium top cover over the water is a safe investment. Many covers come with a latch or can click soundly into place to ensure your children don’t get too inquisitive when you aren’t around. Make sure to check the surface of the tank regularly for cracks that can cause leaks or spills to avoid potential slip-ready puddles.

Be Careful with Electrical Elements

Depending on the age of your children, they may naturally want to grab and pull at cords. We recommend running all cords toward the center of the back of the stand and plugging the cords into a surge protector mounted under the tank. In addition to cord-yanking causing a potential tank falling hazard, bringing electricity into the equation around all that water can be dangerous. Keep an eye on the equipment such as heaters, lights, pumps, and other fish tank supplies with electrical elements. As with anything else electrical, make sure the plugs are properly covered and protected from curious fingers and the cords are all grounded. You should definitely use a drip-loop, which involves curling your cord in a loop between the aquarium itself and the plug so water will puddle on the ground rather than running into the outlet.

Don’t Buy Fish that Bite

You might also wonder if the fish themselves factor into safety considerations. Certain types of fish may bite or scrape hands that invade their space. Like any other animal, as long as they’re treated with respect and given the space they require to flourish, they shouldn’t pose a risk to your children. Fish are generally a safe option for a pet.

Whether you have children or not, if you want to have the ideal setup for your aquarium at home, reach out to the experts at Aquatic Warehouse. We carry all of the highest quality aquarium supplies and can offer tips on how to properly set up your tank. Stop by our store in Kearny Mesa, or give us a call at 858-467-9297.


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