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Is Caring for Seahorses Difficult?

Hard to Care for Seahorses San Diego, CA

Having a saltwater aquarium often adds a touch of elegance in a home. Not only do guests enjoy the serene beauty of the oceanic creatures frolicking in the water, but saltwater aquariums offer a variety of options when purchasing fish. There are several amazing creatures you can choose for your saltwater tank, but one of the most interesting animals is the seahorse. Seahorses are intriguing and unique in nature, but are they hard to care for? The friendly staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of saltwater aquarium supplies, is here to offer some basic information on caring for seahorses.

Quick Facts About Seahorses

Seahorses make a great addition to a saltwater aquarium. However, it’s best to have a general knowledge of the species before making any purchases, as they may not be the right fit for you. Dwarf seahorses are usually about an inch in length compared to ocean-native seahorses that can grow to nearly a foot. Most seahorses dwell in warm water whether it be in a sea or the vast ocean. These animals are capable of camouflaging into the background of the tank, which can be beneficial if you decide to add colorful coral. If a seahorse becomes pregnant, keep in mind the pregnant seahorse is the male and the success of the pregnancy depends on the conditions of your tank. In all, caring for seahorses is a lengthy but joyful process.

Purchasing a Seahorse for Your Aquarium

One important factor to consider before purchasing any seahorses is that these animals aren’t necessarily cheap. Seahorses also require extensive care, making them not ideal pets for individuals who are often out of the house. If you decide purchasing one or more of these animals is a risk worth taking, ask the seller about the nativity of the animal. Seahorses born in captivity, which are the only seahorses we sell at Aquatic Warehouse, are often easier to care for than those born in the wild.

Caring for Pet Seahorses

Before making a purchase, make sure you have a separate dedicated saltwater tank void of aggressive fish who may attempt to harm your seahorse. These animals are slow eaters and would rather wait for food to reach them than searching for it. Your water filter can also impact the eating habits of a seahorse. A large canister filter with extra biological filtration media is best, whereas robust, high-flow filters often remove food from the tank, leaving seahorses to starve. Sump filtration will work with a few tweaks, like slowing down the flow and using multiple return outlets. It’s best to feed rinsed frozen Mysis shrimp to these amazing creatures. However, having excess food in the tank could cause cloudy water. Make sure to watch the current strength or flow, as this is also an important factor for your tank. Seahorses cannot swim in a strong current. Caring for seahorses can be easy if set up correctly and can be a spectacular experience in the end if you’re willing to put in the necessary care and effort.

Whether you opt for seahorses or other forms of marine life, you’ll need the right supplies to keep the inhabitants of your saltwater tank healthy and happy. From aquarium controllers to LED lighting, Aquatic Warehouse can provide everything you need. Give us a call today at 858-467-9297, or stop by our store in Kearny Mesa.


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